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The Washington Post

Tom Sietsema wrote about Facci for a February 2010 First Bite column.
When he looked close to home and couldn't find the kind of pizza he grew up eating as a youth in Naples, Gino Palma-Esposito took matters into his own hands and opened Facci in Laurel.

"I wanted to do the real, real, real thing," says the restaurateur, who turned one of his three area eateries known as Pasta Blitz into a 92-seat dining room and wine bar whose open kitchen is dominated by a massive stone oven from Italy... Read more

Richard Gorelick, The Baltimore Sun

50 Best Restaurants in Baltimore Counties
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7530 Montpelier Road, Laurel, (301) 604-5555
Gino Palma-Esposito is the chef at this comfortably stylish bistro, which became an instant hit by hitting all the right notes. It's chic but accessible, and seems to know that kids don't need to be babied with crayons and chicken fingers, which is why they love it. Read more

Todd Kliman, Washingtonian

A Little Italy
Italian food may be the current "it" cuisine, but that doesn't mean there are a lot of great dishes commanding our attention. Facci, a new restaurant and wine bar in Laurel (7530 Montpelier Rd.; (301) 604-5555) that specializes in wood-fired pizzas, is a notable exception—though not for its pies. Seven bucks ($6.50 during happy hour, from 3 to 6) buys a heaping pile of the tenderest, most flavorful meatballs we've had in years, its generous blanket of zesty marinara all but spilling over the sides of a two-handled silver crock. You may want seconds.

Donna Ellis,

The Front Burner - Facci. The 'face' of good Italian eating.
When it comes to enjoying a restaurant, it almost doesn't matter what the culinary style of your chosen eatery is as long as the food, ambiance, service and perceived value for your dollar come together for a good-tasting, enjoyable whole.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Facci (pronounced FAH-chee), a three-month old restaurant located off Johns Hopkins Road, in North Laurel, features well-thought-out, reasonably priced Italian food; nor that Gino Palma-Esposito -- who co-owns Facci with his wife, Pilar -- came to these shores from Naples, Italy, when he was 19 and has since carved himself a niche in the Maryland restaurant market... Read more